book cover Sabian Symbols and Deep Imagination

from the creator of Dreamfruit

The Dreaming Wheel

Sabian Symbols and the Deep Imagination
by Elizabeth Russell

Discover the intelligence of the living Cosmos
as revealed through the Sabian Symbols.

Explore how these 100-year old astrological degree symbols and
the deep imagination form a communication bridge
between humans and the wild mind of Nature/Cosmos.

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    Celebrate 100 years of the Sabian Symbols
    with this inspiring new approach.

    “Integrated perspective and deep earth wisdom.”

    About the Book

    The Dreaming Wheel calls your imagination into the sacred circle of life. This fun and fresh approach to astrological degree symbols offers simple tools to attune to the conscious mind of the Cosmos.

    The perfect creative companion to The Sabian Symbols Brought to Life by Blain Bovee.

    • Awaken your inborn capacity to hear the voice of something ancient and wondrous
    • Explore symbols and dreams as a personal pathway of insight
    • Discover your own relationship to the Sabian Symbols through creative play

    Elizabeth Russell is a dreamer and a witch who has been listening to the voice of Nature for most of her life. Drawing on direct experience with animistic consciousness and her own mother's keen astrological insights, Elizabeth brings a rooted and heartful sensibility to our birthright belonging within the living body of Earth. Elizabeth is the creator of Dreamfruit, which draws on the Sabian Symbols to tell the ecopunk adventure of now, published in the annual Dreamfruit Lunar Almanac for Earthlings. Learn more at

    Want to learn more? Access the Sabian Symbols in their original, unaltered language - as originally received in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones and psychic medium Elsie Wheeler - in Blain Bovee's The Sabian Symbols Brought to Life, published by Earth Dragon Press.